Management Team

Group CEO & Founder

Dr. Jim Li Hui Hong

JSB is a technologically focus company with strong management and advisory teams emphasizing on research and development to commercialise world-class innovative new products targeting at global niche market segments. The company is founded by Dr Jim Li who attains a PhD from Cambridge University, UK and he holds over 40 granted patents in the field of advanced technology deployment to electronic devices and manufacturing processes. He worked as an R&D engineer at a large US instrument company before starting his own company in 1993, innitially focusing on manufacturing of electronic modules for large Japanese multinational corporations.

In 2009, Jim pioneered the world-1st 2-axis angular measuring instruments embedded with ultra-high precision MEMS technology, which greatly contributed to the precision engineering, metrology and defence industries, as these devices have been evidently used by some of the world’s most technologically advanced companies, research laboratories and government institutions such as NASA, Airbus, Lockheed Martin, U.S. Air Force, US Naval Research Laboratory, Space X , Mazak, DMG Mori Seiki, Intel, Siemens AG, Mitsubishi Heavy Industry, Honda, BMW, NASA Jet Propulsion Lab., MIT Lincoln Lab., Cambridge Cavendish Lab., Brookhaven National Lab., Sandia National Lab., etc. In 2014, he further pioneered world-1st IoT-enabled smart locking devices which found many applications in security and consumer industries. These devices utilize advance encrypted wireless proximity-access and Cloud-based Remote-authorization security technologies, and subsequently the smart luggage lock won world-leading U.S. CES innovation awards 2015 & 2016 and also Japan largest DIY Homecenter New Product Awards 2014 & 2015 in successive years.

In early 2020 during pandemic, under Jim's leadership, he swiftly reconfigure part of his R&D, Supply Chain, Manufacturing capabilities to rapidly develop, file patents, manufacture a new eGeePro® N-95 Reusable Respiratory Face Mask, and thereafter, get tested and certified by accredited 3rd-party international test bodies to timely launch the mask just before the "Circuit Breaker" ended. Subsequently, eGeePro® Respiratory Mask was awarded by Singapore Intellectual Property Agency (IPOS) on Innovation for Humanity Award 2020.

Presently, Jim serves on the Advisory Board for Singapore Manufacturing Standards Committee (2014-2017, re-appointed 2017-2019, 2019-2021 & 2021-2023). In 2009, Dr. Li was invited by the Ministry for Trade & Industry as a resource panel member for the Singapore Government’s Economic Strategies Committee (ESC), sub-committee 4 on Growing Knowledge Capital which was tasked with recommending strategies to enhance the impact of Singapore’s Research, Innovation and Enterprise (RIE) framework. He was a member of Advisory Board for Center of Innovation for Electronics, Nanyang Polytechnic (2012-2016).

Dr Li published numerous papers in the area of new product introduction (NPI) strategy and manufacturing technology at leading international journals. Two of his papers were cited in a whitepaper published in 2014 by a governmental unit under Japan’s Ministry for Economics, Trade and Industry (METI) on policy guiding Japanese promising SMEs to innovate and independently expanding their products and services into global markets instead of conventionally tagging along with their MNCs to internationalise. Since 2006, Dr Li has been a visiting Research Fellow at the Institute for Manufacturing, Cambridge University, UK and presently he is an Honorary Professor at Nottingham University Business School, UK.

Jim’s entrepreneurial endeavor has led to the founding of JSB and its affiliated companies (known as Digipas group ) located at several strategic geographical regions. He brought with him over 20 years of experience in management and technical expertise.

Group Advisory Team

Dr. Zheng ZHENG

Dr. Zheng graduated with a PhD at Manchester University, UK in 1991 specializing in microelectronic superconductivity, particularly the development and design of MEMS sensors and ASIC fabrication technologies. He has over 20 years of hands-on R&D experience, as Research Engineer at a UK leading Instrument company and later as a Research Scientist, spun off numerous advanced ASICs presently still used by world-leading automotive manufacturers, at the Institute of Microelectronic under ASTAR, the leading Singapore Government Science and Technology Research Agency.

Prof. Kim Hua TAN

Professor Tan graduated with a PhD at Cambridge University, UK specializing in Manufacturing Strategy Implementation. In over a decade, he has conducted extensive academic research focusing on Product Innovation, Lean Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management with publication of over 80 papers in leading international journals. Prof. Tan is the Head of Operation Management at the Business School of Nottingham University, UK.

Company's Core Values

Leadership & Teamwork

In consultation with all level of our organizational teams, external advisory specialists and domain experts, the management takes leadership to set strategic and operational directives for immediate and long terms company’s objectives that we have committed in pursuing to be a global-leading player in selected niche market segments.

We acknowledge each individual within a team has differing skillsets, and thus flexibly encourage and inspire each, along with one another as a team, to excel and expect proactively in taking ownership of individual's and team’s assignments.

Passion & Integrity

Inspired individuals having passion and world-class expertise are core sources of sustained creativity and leading-edge innovation that we greatly value, as they enable our company to continuously generate internationally award-winning and radically innovative new products which have benefited millions of our worldwide users and customers in many industries.

Our guiding principle in setting goals, relentlessly refining and persevere in achieving them, is based on honesty, trustworthy and having the courage and ability to do what is right. Above all, each individual and teams demonstrate by examples. We strive vigorously to deploy the same guiding principle in delivering our commitments to all stakeholders and interest parties.

Accountability & Capability Development

Accountability of each individual and teams is a vital component in sustaining and driving our organization towards the set vision. We continuously invest and assist in developing each talent’s and team’s capabilities and competencies to effectively perform and deliver the entrusted tasks.

Each individual is to be regarded as dependable, measure up to the team’s expectation, and assume individual and collective responsibility by proactively making decisions and taking the best course of actions to accomplish the assigned tasks.