• whisker-free flexible flat cable
  • whisker-free flexible flat cable
  • 2-Axis Precision Sensor Module
  • 2-Axis Ultra Precision Digital Level
  • Waterproof Torpedo Digital Level - Model DWL 280Pro
  • egeetouch smart Travel padlock
  • egeetouch smart Travel padlock
  • egeetouch smart electronic padlock
  • egeetouch smart electronic luggage lock

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International Media Coverage (Video)

  • USA TODAY - "A luggage lock that really protects your stuff..."

  • CNET USA - The leading U.S. tech-media features award-winning eGeetouch® Smart Luggage Lock at the CES 2015

  • CNN (Spain) - "12 gadgets que nos sorprendieron en el CES 2016"

  • TBS News (Japan) - 新商品海外部門の出品商品9点のうち、8月27日-28日の バイヤーズ・デーにご来場いただいたバイヤーの投票によって海外部門賞が決定いたしました。

  • Our U.S. distributor, Trick Tools introduces Digi-Pas® DWL2000XY Precision 2-axis digital level

  • Our Europe distributor, Algona IC demonstrates Digi-Pas® DWL3000XY Bluetooth - Digitale Wasserwaage und Schwingungsmesser

International Awards

International Awards CES 2015, CES 2016, Red Dot Design Award 2017, Japan DIY Awards 2014 & Japan DIY Awards 2015

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